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Changes in ISO 14001:2015 from ISO 14001:2008 version

Success comes to those who undertake difficult endeavours. People are addicted to following the same path paved long back, but those who are passionate will look forward for something innovative in their field of expertise. Successful people know that success does not lie in comfort-zones. Extra effort is definitely needed for changing to ISO 14001:2015 from ISO 14001:2008. Good news is that we have got your back. Our team of ISO 14001:2015 certification and upgradation consultants will guide you through the changes involved and how those are a boon for your organization.

Correspondence between ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 14001:2015 (DIS)

Changes included in ISO 14001:2015 after foreseeing future

As you all know environmental pollution is the most dreaded situation at present. There are thoughtful changes included in ISO 14001:2015 to help alleviate the malefic effects . Focused areas of changes to be followed according to the ISO 14001:2015 standards are listed below:

1. More importance must be given to external issues and first priority is given to a company’s environmental management system.

2. Top management should become good leaders who take effective Environmental Management System initiatives.

3. Hazards to the environment should be evaluated along with the evaluation of opportunities while planning.

4. Documented information should be maintained for proper communication with people present even outside the company.

5. Operational scheduling & controlling should be done with great efficiency in order to confirm no environmental pollution occurs through the entire supply chain until product consumption by the end user.

6. Monitoring & measuring corporate commitments & risks are to be always related with environmental commitments & risks too.

7. Improved processes and corrections are mandatory to be made, if an organisation does not comply with good environmental performance.

Thus, changing to ISO 14001:2015 from ISO 14001:2008 not only helps you, but also the whole world as abiding by this standard infers your contribution to the nature.

Why ISO 14001:2015 emphasized on environmental management?

Any negative change brought to the environment affects us badly in turn. As an organisation, you manufacture products and deliver services using natural resources; however, while using those resources in a rational manner maintains the natural balance of the environment, iressponsible and erractic usage perturbs the balance resulting in increased pollution and global warming resulting in far more adverse effects than these indications.

While as an organisation you are committed to provide the best of services and products to your consumers in all possible ways, maintaining a good environmental balance by complying to ISO14001:2015 is our moral and social responsibility.

Should you have any questions or queries pertaining to the changes, feel free to give us a shout.

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