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ISO 14001:2015 certification

ISO certification not only helps you improve your complex business processes and raise quality standards, but also help to achieve credibility. ISO certification indicates competence and excellence of an organization.

The revised ISO 14001:2015 shares a common structure with other popular ISO standards ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 . Greater engagement, increased advantages and responsibility at various levels are the mainstays of ISO 14001:2015. Besides, as per IEMA 40% of all respondents were able to save an astronomical US $1,50,000 per year apart. ISO 14001:2015 also ensures immense cost savings through energy and resource efficiency.

ISO certification process calls for immense expertise, thorough knowledge of ISO requirements and detailed documentation keeping your organization's existing structure and processes in mind. This is where seeking help from ISO consultants come quite handy.

Mainstays of the emerging changes:

1. Reduce environmental pollution
2. Save the world from severe natural calamities like global warming created due to environmental pollution
3. Spread the message of better environmental management systems
4. Strategic Environment Management
5. Lifecycle thinking methodology
6. Leadership

Be Part of the Core Strategy-

By virtue of the revisions, ISO 14001:2015 emphasizes on increased changes in communication and participation, leadership and lifescycle thinking and renders an opportunity to organizations demonstrate their responsibility towards environmental management. Be part of the core strategy by hiring ISO 14001:2015 professionals who not help you identify, control and manage environmental concerns in a holistic manner, but also help you integrate the ISO 14001:2015 into your existing ISO system.

Should you have any questions about how our ISO 14001:2015 professionals can help, drop us a line.

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